"Bali weekend" performance in Leiden museum

Barong Dance was brought by the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I Gusti A. Wesaka Puja, with the accompaniment of Swara Shanti from Amstelveen received a standing ovation from the audience at the Bali Weekend event.

Held at the Volkenkunde Museum , Leiden, weekend, Swara Shanti Gamelan opened the performance by singing Sinom Ladrang which brought viewers to the atmosphere of daily life in Bali.

The cultural performance also featured the Kembang Girang dance by the Dwi Bumi dance studio and Rangda dance which is part of the "Bali Weekend" which was packaged as part of the Bali Grand Exhibition series "Welcome to Paradise" which was held since last October.

Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja after the performance said Bali is a well-known tourism destination in the Netherlands, therefore participation is to give appreciation to the Dutch community through the Balinese Barong dance. Hopefully visitors will be entertained with what is served and can strengthen relations between the two countries especially in the tourism and cultural sectors, "he said.

A similar hope was conveyed by Anak Agung Bagus Krishna Sutedja, gamelan coach Swara Shanti, who had just completed his master`s program at Codarts Rotterdam, and Aafke, one of the Dutch citizens of Balinese cultural activists. At the end of this week, Aafke also provides Balinese dance workshops to Dutch children visiting Volkenkunde.

During the weekend visitors not only visit the exhibition, but also watch cultural performances and attend various workshops and presentations about Bali include cooking Balinese food demonstrations, preparing offerings, making art items by processing them.

The Bali exhibition themed "Welcome to Paradise" was officially opened at the Volkenkunde Museum, Leiden, the Netherlands by Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja and Mayor of Leiden and General Director of the Volkenkunde Museum, Stijn Schoonderwoerd attended by hundreds of visitors.

One of the keys to Bali`s success being one of the world`s tourist destinations is because Bali is known for its natural beauty, people`s warmth and harmony. Balinese people also always keep the teachings of religion emphasizing how between fellow life in harmony and peace.

The Balinese people under Tri Hita Karana teaches the concept of harmonious relations between Man and God, Fellow and with the Environment.

The Volkenkunde Museum located 19 KM from the city of The Hague has the largest collection of Bali outside Indonesia, in addition to collections of various countries such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

At lease 250 collections of Balinese artwork are displayed in the "Welcome to Paradise" Exhibition which runs until May 26 next year. More than 200 thousand Dutch people travel to Bali every year.

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