In The Netherlands, the Committee for Indonesian School and Culture (Badan Usaha Sekolah dan Budaya Indonesia, or BASUKI) was tasked to carry out the preparation for the establishment. The endeavour taken by BASUKI mounted to the establishment of Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag (SIDH, Indonesian School of The Hague).

SIDH was soft-launched in The Hague, on 15 June 1965. At that time, the campus was located at the Violenweg 13, The Hague. Few months later it was formally launched by His Excellency Ambassador, Mr. Soedjarwo Tjondronegoro in the new location at the Rijksstraatweg 679, 2245 CB, Wassenaar on 17 August 1965. Occupying the new campus it was named to Sekolah Indonesia Nederland (SIN) Wassenaar.

Based on the Decision of the Minister of Education and Culture on 15 August 1995, SIN Wassenaar was converted to Sekolah Kedutaan Republik Indonesia di Wassenaar. Many years after that the name was returned to Sekolah Indonesia Nederland and as from August 2015 was reconverted to its first locution: Sekolah Indonesia Den Haag.

The supervisory structures of SIDH also underwent transformations. First, the BASUKI was replaced by the Advisory Body of Indonesian School and Culture (Badan Pembina Sekolah dan Kebudayaan Indonesia, or BPSKI). Considering the more important role played by SIN, in 1972, BPSKI was changed to the Advisory Body of Indonesian School (Badan Pembina Sekolah Indonesia, or BPSI), and from 1993 BPSI has been chaired (ex-officio) by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague. As from 2016 another organisation has been established to support the school that is the Komite SIDH to comply with the Regulation No. 75 of the Minister of Education and Culture of 2016.

At the beginning of its foundation, SIDH status had been a private institution assisted by the Indonesian government. In 1981, based on the Joint Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs No. 191/81/01 and 051/U/1981 of 22 January 1981 concerning the Guidelines for the Management of Indonesian Schools Abroad, SIDH was regarded as a private school. The current legal instrument that regulates this school is the Joint Regulation between Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Culture No. 07 of 2015 and 1 of 2015. And from 2020, SIDH received the status of a public school. In The Netherlands, SIDH has been designated as a ‘foreign school’ by Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science from 9 September 2011. In 2011 SIDH had been for the first time accredited by a reputable accreditation agency from Indonesia. In 2016 SIDH was re-accredited by the Indonesian National Accreditation Board for Schools and Madrasahs (BAN S-M) with ‘A’ for all levels which reflected an improvement from the 2011 accreditation.

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