5 Unesco Global Geopark in Indonesia (4)

Batur, Bali.

Batur UNESCO Global Geopark includes two volcanic calderas and presents a complete volcanic landscape with caldera walls, cones and craters, geothermal phenomena (fumaroles, hot springs) a lake, lava flows, pyroclastic flows, and tephra.

Ciletuh, West Java.

The weathering and aberration process affected saveral rock formations and resulted in unique formation of animal-shaped rocks. Visitor can enjoy the spectacular landscape of the UNESCO Global Geopark with its waterfalls, beaches, geyser, rivers, mountain, wild reserve, turtle conservation; and experience the life of the Sundanese culture.

Gunung Sewu, East Java.

Gunung Sewu UNESCO Global Geopark is a classic tropical karst lanscape in the south-central part of Java Island well-know in the world and dominated by limestone.

Rinjani, Lombok.

Rinjani-Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark has a rich and diverse lanscape, forest types ranging from savannahs and semi-deciduous forest to lower montane evergreen forest.

Toba Caldera, North Sumatera.

Toba Caldera UNESCO Global Park is located in North Sumatera. The Toba Caldera be designated as the UNESCO Global Geopark at the 2019th Session of the UNESCO Executif Board in Paris.

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