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Indonesian Fermented Cuisine - 2

Indonesian culinary is very rich in varieties. One of the ways of processing several Indonesian food is through fermentation. Let’s take a look at some fermented food from various regions in Indonesia.

Peyeum/Tapai (West Java)

Peyeum or tapai is fermented Sundanese delicacy, made from cassava. Peyeum can be consumed directly or processed into other derivative products. The taste of peyeum is sweet and slightly sour.

Brem (East java)

The ingredients for making this dish are glutinous rice or glutinous tapai water, which are the fermented with yeast. The taste is sweet and will melt in the tongue when chewed.

Dadiah (Minang/West Sumatera)

Dadiah is a typical Minang yogurt made from fermented buffalo milk in bamboo stalks. This fermentation process makes the buffalo milk have a distinctive sour taste like yogurt.

Tempoyak (South Sumatera)

The main ingredient of tempoyak is durian flesh that is mashed and salted to accelerate the fermentation process. Tempoyak is generally served as a side dish and eaten with rice, but it can also be mixed as spice and chili seasoning.


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