Lying close to the Island of Belakangpadang, across from Batam Island and the Singapore Strait,  Amat Belanda Island enjoys a strategic location in the middle of a developing shipyard industrial area.

The rains just stopped in the area of Meratus Mountains in South Kalimantan.

Looking to raise the national spirit and drive the importance of building a strong nation that is not easily intimidated, Soekarno, the first Indonesian president, once famously urged Indonesians to “not be a tempe mental nation”.

Um Island sits right across the the Malaumkarta village in Makbon, a short distance away from Sorong in West Papua. Makbon is an inland lagoon, located north of the Bird Head Peninsula. Um Island is known as the habitat for bats and seagulls. Bats on this island look for food during daylight, while seagulls fly out at night. Quite the opposite of what we are familiar with.

The Islands of Banda have stood witness to the nutmeg trade in its heyday, when the spice, which was endemic to the islands, flowed from Banda to different parts of the world — and remnants of this former glory have survived to this day.

Malang, East Java (ANTARA) - East Java’s Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru have reopened to climbers and tourists from Monday (May 24, 2021), the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Center (BB-TNBTS) has informed.

Banjarmasin’s Ramadhan market has been included in the city’s calendar of events. We are upbeat that this online market would not lower the people’s enthusiasm to shop and enjoy traditional culinary delicacies to revive the micro-, small-, and medium.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Tourism is one of the foremost sectors to have been dealt a major blow from the COVID-19 pandemic.