If you are travelling to Indonesia and you are bringing medication with you, there should be no problem at the customs if it is clear that the medicine is for personal use. 

If your medicine does not contain any opium ingredient, when you land in Indonesia, you must declare your medication by using customs declaration (CD). With it, you must present a letter from your physician stating the amount of medicine you use per day and the listing of the medication and/ or a copy of original prescription to customs officer. Make sure all of the documents you presented have been translated to English. If you are questioned about the medication by the customs officer, you need to have these documents to prove that the medication is legally prescribed for you.

It is prohibited to bring narcotics into the Country. If you are bringing medicines containing any opium ingredient, you must bring the letter from the physician, get it stamped from the CAK, and legalize it at the Consular Service Center (Consulairediensten Centrum) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken). Make sure that the physician’s letter has been translated in English and contains the detail information of the medicine, the reason for taking it, and the dosage of the medicine not exceeded the duration of the visit. Put together the legalized document with the medicine in its original package.



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