Together with IKAT: Dutch & Indonesian Artisans' workshop and exhibition

2019-11-28 10:30 - 21:30
Het Nieuwe Instituut - Rotterdam - Het Nieuwe Instituut 25 Museumpark 3015 CB Rotterdam

As the end of Phase One of the project “Binding with Ikat”, this event is the culmination of the pilot residency that took place on the 15th to 25th June 2019 and our kick-off event on the 30th of May. During the residency, Dutch designer Lio de Bruin, worked together with the CCD-NL to give workshop on natural dye, presented her works, meet Indonesian designers and learn how to weave Ikat from weavers in Belu, NTT.

Ikat is a traditional weaving technique from Indonesia and NTT province is known for its Ikat variety of weaving motif within tribes, ethnicities and regions. Currently, we set our focus on Belu, a region located in the north west of Timor Island, NTT. Ikat weavers are unable to make a sustainable living through their craftsmanship; therefore CCD-NL aims to support Ikat textile and its artisans with a hope, that this event will stimulate their economy. By garnering Dutch audiences, Ikat can globally expand and artistically in this contemporary age. Especially for the weavers who are looking for new avenues to expand Ikat outside the realm of fashion

It brings us to the event of “Together with IKAT: Dutch & Indonesian Artisans” workshops led byLucila Kenny, who is an expert in natural dye will demonstrate her work at the event. Our special guest from Belu, NTT, Selviana Boi Dao and Wilhemina Uduk will show you how Ikat is made using traditional backstrap loom. Documentary film about the process of Ikat that was filmed during Lio’s residency and a series of fashion show by Indonesian designers: Lidwina Vivianti “Vivi” NG, Merdy Sihombing and Dutch designers: Nikky Wester, Lucila Kenny, Lara Peters, Ayotupas and Nova Marselina. An exhibition featuring photography during Lio’s residency and Ikat textile will be presented throughout the day.


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  • 2019-11-28 10:30 - 21:30


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