Updates - COVID-19

Measures remain necessary so we can protect one another

The number of coronavirus infections is falling. That is good news. We are following the rules, and this is having an impact. But we are not there yet, so it’s important that we maintain the partial lockdown. We will continue to limit our travel movements and contact with each other. We will continue to follow the basic rules. And we will try to help each other get through this difficult period.

Following a parliamentary debate on Wednesday 30 September, there is broad support for issuing clear national advice on the wearing of face masks in indoor public spaces.

Together we have succeeded in halting the rise of coronavirus infections. We are on the right path, but we are not moving quickly enough. The numbers need to drop faster if we are to guarantee the quality of care for all patients and prevent hospital staff from becoming overwhelmed. We also want to speed up the return to greater freedom in our daily lives. The government has therefore decided to impose extra measures for the next 2 weeks on top of the current partial lockdown.

In recent weeks coronavirus has had too many opportunities to spread again. The government decided today that stricter measures are needed to bring down the number of infections. Our approach is to intervene in situations where the risk of transmitting the virus is greatest. We can do this by limiting travel movements and opportunities for people to come into contact with each other, helping people comply with the basic rules and enforcing compliance more strictly.

During a national press conference, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Hugo de Jonge announced new measures to reduce the amount of people coming into contact with one another. This is essential in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. These national measures will come into effect on Tuesday 29 September at 18.00 and will be in force for at least the next three weeks.

Travellers arriving in the Netherlands from certain countries and regions should self-quarantine for 10 days. Even if you do not have any symptoms or if you have tested negative for COVID-19. Once in the Netherlands, you can self-quarantine at home or in temporary or holiday accommodation. 

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Er is een inreisverbod voor reizigers uit Nederland voor toeristische reizen. Na een verblijf in Indonesië gaat u bij terugkeer in Nederland 10 dagen in thuisquarantaine. Bijgaande kaart wordt geactualiseerd, afhankelijk van de ontwikkelingen. Voor de laatste ontwikkelingen in het land: volg de aanwijzingen op van de lokale overheid en volg het nieuws.

Change of working hours

Due to the recent developments surrounding Covid-19, the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague has adjusted its service hours.
The Indonesian Embassy is open for visa services:


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