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SANUR VILLAGE FESTIVAL 2018 : “Mandala Giri”, the Circle and the Mountain

This August, the swathe of white sand called Sanur Beach in South Bali will roll out its 13thSanur Village Festival presenting an exciting array of fun fiestas that will take place from August 22nd-26th, 2018 at the Maisonette Area of the Inna Grand Bali Beach.

This year, the festival has selected the theme “Mandala Giri” literally meaning: the Circle and the Mountain. For the Balinese, the Mountain represents the head or the highest point of spiritual and cultural orientation. Therefore, this year the festival directs the focus back to Mount Agung, not only as the center of geographical feature but, moreover, of culture and spirituality.

Its eruption in November 2017 and recent volcanic activities of Mt. Agung indicate the immediate closeness and deep relationship that exist between nature and humankind. Following this belief, a sensitivity to Mount Agung’s existence and conditions are seen as the driving force to maintain the spirit of unity and brotherhood among peoples, to honor and continuously preserve nature, to inspire creativity and innovation, and ultimately to show the world that Bali is a safe place for all to visit.

As always, the Sanur Village Festival promises lots of fun, delicious food and plenty of excitement and gaiety to everyone. Among the exhilarating programs you can look forward to this year are: a Culinary Fiesta in which a wide range of vendors selling street food to 5 star hotels and restaurants will present a mouth-watering food bazaar; Traditional art and cultural performances from across the island as well as other parts of the archipelago will also include a colossal sendratari or Balinese traditional ballet.

A contemporary art fiesta which includes body painting, on the spot painting, a fine art and photography exhibition, fruit carving, and more; Fun Games and Sport Tourism Competition that will include a marathon race, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, traditional boats sail past, and more; and not to forget, an international kite festival featuring traditional kites from Bali and other parts of Indonesia and international participants.

The festival will also highlight environmental actions such as coral planting, the release of baby turtles to sea, a beach cleanup, mangrove planting, and other environmental awareness educational activities besides a green living campaign that involves both locals and tourists. The series of excitement will have a grand closure with the Bali International Triathlon 2018 combining swimming, running, and cycling, to take place at the Mertasari beach in Sanur.

The Sanur Village Festival is a community event founded by the Sanur Development Foundation (YPS), combining large-scale activities involving a food festival, a creative economy exhibition, an array of contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music, as well as a range of environmental-friendly activities.

During its journey, SVF has continued to feature cultural diversity in its programs with Art and Cultural Ambassadors from across the Indonesian archipelago, showing that the Sanur has an inclusive community and is open to all. This fact is confirmed by the support of international communities who come and visit each year.

Located just 25 minutes from Bali’s international airport, 30 minutes from Kuta beach area, and 15 minutes from downtown Denpasar, Sanur is renowned as Bali's first beach resort and is, in fact, the destination where the early Indonesian tourist industry started on Bali. Sanur is also the launching pad for visitors who wish to dive and explore the splendors of the nearby island of Nusa Lembongan.

As a resort where tourism first flourished in Bali, Sanur has some of Balis' historic hotels. Built in 1965, the Inna Grand Bali itself, formerly called Bali Beach Hotel, was the first five star and the only high rise hotel in Bali. After its construction, a new law came into force where in Bali no hotel may be built higher than a coconut tree.

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