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Batik Diplomacy Colors UN Security Council

New York, 7 May 2019: A unique scene marked the UN Security Council (UNSC) Meeting chaired by Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs as the President of UN Security Council in May 2019, where the chamber of the Meeting was colored by various batik and tenun. 

These patterns were worn by the delegates from a number of countries, including the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that wore bright tenun troso pattern.

Batik was chosen as the dress code at the meeting out of respect for Indonesia as the President of UNSC for the period of May 2019.

Various batik worn by the UNSC delegates belonged to their private collections. Some of the delegates not only collected the batik as the gifts from Indonesian delegates in New York or in time when they became the delegation chairs for the conferences held in Indonesia, but also bought the batik when they visited Indonesia.

Beside the UN Secretary General, other delegates that wore batik came from the USA, Germany, Ivory Coast, France, Peru, Dominican Republic, and China. “It is a pleasure to see the meeting run beautifully and colorfully, as most of the UNSC members wore batik, including the UN Secretary General that wore Balinese tenun," Minister Marsudi stated.

The trend of batik at the UNSC Meeting was expected to boost the popularity of batik as one of the global heritages recognized by UNESCO.

The Open Debate Meeting titled “ Investing in Peace" that was held today aimed to promote the improvement of Peacekeepers' capacity in various global missions. The meeting was one of Indonesia's priorities during its non-permanent membership of UNSC from 2019 to 2020.

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