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Indonesian Foreign Minister Leads UN Security Council Session: An Indonesian Major Inspires

New York, 7 May 2019: "Before we begin the discussion, allow me to wish a happy fasting in this Ramadan to all Muslims in the world," said Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi when chairing the UN Security Council's open debate themed "Sowing The Seed of Peace: Enhancing the Safety and Performance of the UN Peacekeeping Mission (UN MPP)" at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA (7/5).

At the meeting, Indonesian Foreign Minister said that the UN peacekeeping forces are a concrete example of global partnerships, collective leadership, and shared responsibility for peace. "The Blue Helmets are peacekeepers who protect hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. They are the faces of UN Security Council, and one of the best portraits of multilateral cooperation," she said.

Minister Marsudi affirmed that Indonesia strongly believes in the role of UN peacekeepers and the need for sufficient investment to prepare their performance and capabilities in the field. For this reason, she emphasized the importance of promoting training and increasing the capacity of personnel, in order to improve the performance, successful missions, and safety and security of personnel in the field.

As stated by the Minister, there are 4 (four) key points of an efficient UN Peacemaking Missions (UN MPP), namely i) Paying attention to the mission-specific approach, ii) The ability to interact with local communities (community engagement), iii) Promoting the role of women, and iv) Strengthening training through global partnerships.

On this occasion, Indonesian Foreign Minister gave an example of the success of Indonesian personnel in MONUSCO, the Democratic Republic of Congo, who succeeded in reconciliating local communities and former combatants, thus enabling family reunification. "Major Gembong and his team from Indonesia succeeded in facilitating the reunification of 422 former combatants, thus further strengthening the peace," said Foreign Minister Marsudi before the UN Security Council.

The Open Debate is the signature event of Indonesian Presidency's in UN Security Council. Presenting as the keynote speakers were the UN Secretary General António Guterres, MONUSCO Troop Commander Lieutenant General Elias Rodrigues Martins Filho, and Director of the Challenges Forum International Secretariat Dr. Björn Holmberg.

The Open Debate is inseparable from Indonesia's track record which is now in the top ten as UN Peacemaking Mission contributors. Now, there are 3,080 Indonesian personnel in 8 UN peace missions, 106 of them are women. Indonesia's efforts are also a support to the UN Secretary General's initiative "Action for Peacekeeping". Indonesia also offers a Peace Forces Training Center located in Indonesia to become a training center for world peace forces.

The meeting has legitimated a document in the form of a Presidential Statement, which emphasizes the importance of UN security guards as the most effective tool to maintain international peace and security. The UNSC presidential statement specifically discusses aspects of training and increasing the capacity of the United Nations Peacemaking Mission. The document also supports the efforts of the UN Secretary General to reform and make UN peacekeeping forces more effective. This document is a UN Security Council document that specifically boosts the importance of Political- Security Society (PSS) training and capacity building for the successful mission of maintaining world peace.

The UN Security Council Open Debate was attended by 59 countries including 15 UN Security Council members, Troops/Police Contributing Countries or contributor countries to the United Nations MPP, host countries, and international and regional organizations such as the African Union.

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