Jakarta wins global 2021 Sustainable Transport Award for integrated public transportation

Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta has come out as the winner of the global 2021 Sustainable Transport Award (STA) for its ambitious integrated public transportation programs. Indonesia is the first-ever Southeast Asian country to have received the prestigious award.

Every year, global nonprofit Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and the STA committee acknowledge a city that has implemented strategies to improve citizens' mobility, reduce air pollution and improve safety and access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Jakarta was awarded an “honorable mention” for the 2019 STA last year for its efforts to develop the city-owned Transjakarta bus network.  

For the award, Jakarta competed with other cities, including Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Bogota, Colombia; Auckland, New Zealand; Braga, Portugal; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Frankfurt, Germany; and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The winner announcement was made during the Mobilize 2020 international sustainable transportation conference held virtually from Monday to Friday.

The city will be honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC, in January 2021.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced the award in a tweet on Saturday.

“We present the award to all Jakartans. We are grateful for the global acknowledgement,” he tweeted.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah!!


Ya, Jakarta terpilih sebagai KOTA TERBAIK DI DUNIA dalam SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT AWARD 2021.

Pada warga Jakarta, penghargaan ini dipersembahkan. Kita bersyukur dan bersyukur, atas pengakuan dunia ini, selamat untuk warga Jakarta! https://t.co/O5WEoSoQrc pic.twitter.com/dtui0Ekm9K

— Anies Baswedan (@aniesbaswedan) October 31, 2020

ITDP Indonesia said in a statement on Saturday that the award was the result of an integrated system that included the city’s angkot (public minivans) and the Transjakarta extensive network, as well as the launch of the MRT Jakarta and LRT Jakarta last year, all of which had helped in transforming the city’s overall transportation system.

Last year, Jakarta turned the Kendal tunnel beside Sudirman Station in Central Jakarta into one of the city’s major transit point for six modes of public transportation: the MRT, the Commuter Line, the Railink airport train, Transjakarta bus services and the future LRT Jakarta and LRT Jabodebek.

The integration strategy was deemed successful under the city’s flagship Jak Lingko payment scheme in which passengers can ride various modes of public transportation for one flat fare. The Transjakarta electric bus operational plan and the renovation of city-owned public transportation stations directly linked to Commuter Line railway stations also contributed to the success.

Moreover, Jakarta has made massive changes to its pedestrian facilities in the past two years, building a 63-kilometer bicycle lane in 2019 and introducing a plan to add 500 km of bike lanes.

Anies issued an instruction through Gubernatorial Regulation No. 51/2020 to establish pop-up bike lanes and prioritize pedestrians and cyclists during the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) imposed in the city as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Southeast Asia ITDP director Faela Sufa said the STA celebrated cities that, despite their limitations, worked toward creating fair, affordable and inclusive transportation for all.

"Hopefully, this award can trigger Jakarta to continue making breakthroughs in implementing transportation policy that is environmentally friendly," Faela said in the statement.

Meanwhile, ITDP CEO Heather Thompson said that the recent health crisis had prompted city leaders to rethink sustainable solutions for cities.

"We are very excited to celebrate Jakarta's victory next year. We hope this victory can inspire other cities in Indonesia and around the world," she said.


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