Participating at Hannover Messe, Pupuk Indonesia Introducing Its Digital Innovation to Europe

Jakarta (Antara) - PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) became one of 156 companies from Indonesia who is selected and participated in the world's largest industrial and trade exhibition, the Hannover Messe (HM) 2021 Digital, which held virtually for the first time from Germany, Monday (12/4).

Director of Business Transformation of Pupuk Indonesia, Panji Winanteya Ruky, explained that Pupuk Indonesia was chosen by the goverment due to its digital transformation that optimally utilizes industry 4.0 and considered able to support the transformation of the national industry and economy.

Pupuk Indonesia holding members, namely Pupuk Kaltim and Rekayasa Industri, also participate and become two of the 6,500 companies from 75 countries that showcase their digital innovations. This is Pupuk Indonesia’s commitment to support and expedite the national digitalization or Making Indonesia 4.0.
Panji further explained that HM 2021 Digital is an opportunity for Pupuk Indonesia to expand cooperation with other countries. "Pupuk Indonesia's participation in this event aligned with the company's business transformation initiatives," Panji explained.

In HM 2021 Digital, Pupuk Indonesia presented various results of digital transformation. Starting from the field of production (Smart Production), distribution (Smart Distribution), precision fertilization technology (Precision Farming), and several strategic projects. Besides, it also introducing products that have been reaching to many countries in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and America.
In the production field, Pupuk Indonesia presents Smart Production, a big data system that integrates pneumatic data and the Distributed Control System (DCS) with operational data, such as maintenance results, inspection, and laboratory tests. From this data processing, Pupuk Indonesia can get an evaluation of the production process in real-time.
"The result will increase the efficiency of energy consumption, production rate, factory reliability, and reduce the shutdown duration," said Panji.
In the distribution sector, said Panji, Pupuk Indonesia implements Smart Distribution, an online fertilizer redemption system (e-Commerce) that is integrated to the warehouses. Furthermore, a stock and monitoring system or Distribution Planning & Control System (DPCS), to an optimization system for loading and unloading goods at all ports operated by Pupuk Indonesia.
"Everything is done in real-time, so that we can manage data accurately, accelerate the decision-making process, to efficiency on costs and human resources," said Panji.
For precise fertilization technology, Pupuk Indonesia presents the Precision Agriculture Platform for Oil Palm (PreciPalm). This technology provides information on the nutritional conditions of the macro elements of oil palm land in the form of a digital map of the land processed from satellite imagery and mathematical models. This information is then used to produce fertilizer recommendations for N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphor), K (Potassium), and Mg (Magnesium).
“It could also be used to monitor the nutritional condition of post-fertilization plantations in real-time," explained Panji.
Apart from the digital technology innovation, Pupuk Indonesia also shared several strategic projects, to attract investment and transfer of technology (ToT) to the country.
Among them is the Pusri IIIB factory revitalization project which will operate in 2024. This fertilizer factory will use the latest technology that is environmental friendly and efficient in energy consumption. Then, the ammonia-urea and methanol project in Bintuni Regency, West Papua, that will encourage the utilization of potential gas sources in Eastern Indonesia.
"And also developing the fertilizer and petrochemical industry in Eastern Indonesia, which will open up many jobs," said Panji.
Panji believes through HM 2021 Digital, Pupuk Indonesia has the opportunity to understand the needs of industry and foreign trade. Therefore, it can spur sales of superior products, such as urea, NPK, ammonia, and other chemical products for various industrial needs abroad.
"It is aligned with our vision to become a world-class national company for plant nutrition and sustainable agricultural solutions," concluded Panji.

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