The Netherlands' new travel rules come into effect today

As was announced following the coronavirus press conference on September 14, new travel and quarantine rules come into effect in the Netherlands on September 22 - here’s everything you need to know about the relaxed travel rules and what they mean for you.

Dutch government relaxes travel restrictions and quarantine rule
Up until now, the Dutch government has used the EU travel white list to determine the travel rules for countries outside of the EU. Under the current rules, all travellers arriving from very high-risk areas are required to quarantine for at least five days upon arrival in the Netherlands.

However, this quarantine obligation is about to change: from September 22, vaccinated travellers from high-risk areas are no longer required to quarantine.

Mandatory quarantine rule lifted for very high-risk countries
As of September 22, vaccinated travellers arriving from the following countries are no longer required to quarantine:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. American Virgin Islands
  3. Anguilla
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Bermuda
  7. Botswana
  8. Brazil
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Cuba
  11. Dominica
  12. Eswatini
  13. Fiji
  14. French Guiana
  15. French Polynesia
  16. Georgia
  17. Guadeloupe
  18. Guyana
  19. Haïti
  20. India
  21. Indonesia
  22. Iran
  23. Israel
  24. Kazakhstan
  25. Kosovo
  26. Lesotho
  27. Malaysia
  28. Martinique
  29. Mongolia
  30. Montenegro
  31. Myanmar
  32. Nepal
  33. North Macedonia
  34. Pakistan
  35. Palestinian Territories
  36. Philippines
  37. Saint Lucia
  38. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  39. Serbia
  40. Seychelles
  41. Somalia
  42. South Africa
  43. Sri Lanka
  44. Suriname
  45. Thailand
  46. United Kingdom
  47. United States
  48. Venezuela

While the quarantine rule has been amended, travellers arriving from certain high-risk areas will still be required to present a negative coronavirus test (PCR or antigen) before departing for the Netherlands, regardless of their vaccination status. PCR test results can be a maximum of 48 hours old, while antigen test results must be a maximum of 24 hours old.

Travellers who are not fully vaccinated - even those with an official recovery certificate - will still be required to quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands.

USA lifts entry ban for travellers from the Netherlands
In addition to the change of Dutch travel rules, this week the United States announced that in November it would finally be lifting its entry ban for vaccinated travellers from the EU, as well as those from the UK, China, and Brazil.

The US will recognise all vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation (even those that don't have FDA approval), but vaccinated travellers will still be required to present a recent negative coronavirus test before departing for the US.

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