Sharing Information on Job Opportunities and Internships in International Organizations

The Indonesian Embassy in The Hague in collaboration with the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Rotterdam held a "Talk Show on Working and Internship Opportunities in International Organizations" Volume II on October 26, 2021.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Mayerfas said that Indonesia is an ardent supporter of multilateralism and an active member of 200 international organizations. Ambassador Mayerfas appealed to Indonesian students to seek and take advantage of opportunities to work in international organizations in order to gain more international exposure at a personal level which in turn would also help micro and macro positive effects in nation building.

The Talk Show presented 4 young speakers with previous and present working/internship experiences in international organizations, namely under the Secretariat of the United Nations (UN) in New York and The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) in The Hague and all shared their best practices and their respective personal thoughts during their internships / career in international organizations. The resource persons were Hillary Bakrie, Akhmad Arsya Sani, Priskila Pratita Penasthika, and Daniel Nicholas Pakpahan.

The resource persons shared a common view that gaining an internship experience in any international organizations is an important and useful tool, among others, to provide firsthand opportunities to observe the activities of international organizations, to test and apply practicalities vis-à-vis their academic background and expertise, to expand their networking profile, to enhance their learning curve and personal development as well as to provide reassurance on the career choices they want to pursue.

What is the significance of Indonesia's representation in international organizations? First, to promote Indonesian culture and Indonesia's competence as a country possessing world-class human resources. Second, open access for other Indonesian citizens to enter international organizations. Third, an opportunity to occupy strategic positions to promote multilateralism and manifestation of Indonesia’s contribution to the community of nations.

Promoting activities such as discussions, workshops and talk shows is one of the public campaign activities of the Indonesian Government to disseminate equal opportunities for the young generation to better represent Indonesia in international organizations. The panelists expressed their appreciation to the Indonesian Government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for its various efforts and socialization activities in career advancement opportunities at a personal level and for the campaign to increase Indonesia’s representation to strategic positions in international organizations in the long term and empower Indonesia’s contribution in the sphere of multilateralism.


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