Talking Points Menteri Luar Negeri RI dalam Press Briefing dengan Media Asing bersama Menteri Riset dan Teknologi RI dan Ketua Tim Pakar Gugus Tugas BNPB

Colleagues from the Media, good afternoon,

Thank you very much for participating in the 6th Press Briefing from the Palace of the President in Jakarta.

If you recall in my previous briefings, I mentioned innovative cooperation, innovation, and efforts to strengthen resilience of the health industry in Indonesia.

Today, Minister Bambang Brodjonegroro, the Minister of Research and Technology, is with us to speak more on this issue.

Last week, in a Cabinet Meeting, Minister Brodjonegoro reported to President Jokowi among others on the progress of the production of ventilators.

Today, Minister Brodjonegroro just held a virtual launch of research, technology and innovation products all made in Indonesia to help mitigate COVID19.

Prof. Wiku Adisasmito is also with us to brief you on a number of information regarding the progress of the management of COVID-19 in Indonesia.


Let me start by updating you on returning Indonesian citizens to Indonesia.

In total, as per yesterday, 19th May, more than 99.000 Indonesians has returned home. To be more exact, the number is 99.543. This is an increase of 4.441 within a week.

The majority of them are those coming in from Malaysia and Indonesian crews working in cruise ships.

Between 18 March until 19 May 2020, so more than two months, 76.770 Indonesians have returned from Malaysia. This is an increase of 1.926 compared to last week.

Meanwhile, 16.974 Indonesian crews have returned so far from 23 countries arriving in Indonesia and this is an increase of 1.154 compared to last week.

And 5.790 Indonesians have returned home via self-repatriation from 29 countries. This is an increase of 1.325 compared to last week. This number includes 182 Indonesians who returned to Jakarta from Pakistan yesterday.

Colleagues from the Media,

The second issue that I would like to share is the result of the 73rd World Health Assembly or WHA73 that took place in Geneva on 18-19 May.

For Indonesia, WHA 73 has a strategic importance amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

The convening of the WHA 73 has demonstrated the global commitment to strengthen unity and solidarity to fight against COVID19.

  • ​and equally important to better prepare for future pandemics and strengthen global health governance.

Therefore, since the very beginning of the preparation of the Meeting Indonesia has been very consistent to encourage all Members on the importance of cooperation among countries to set aside differences and not to politicize the meeting as well as its issues.

Therefore, Indonesia decided to co-sponsor the draft Resolution on "Covid-19 Response".

  • This draft resolution was adopted yesterday and co-sponsored by 135 countries.

The reason why Indonesia co-sponsored the Resolution among others are based on 6 considerations:

  • First, the Resolution underlines importance to strengthen global cooperation and collaboration to mitigate the COVID19;
  • Second, it prioritizes the universal, timely and equitable access to affordable health technologies and products through ensuring provision of equitable access to affordable vaccines and medicine as well the use of the flexibility within the TRIPs agreement;
  • Indonesia consistently underlined the importance of these points in the negotiation. Together with other developing and least developed countries we worked hard to ensure our inputs were taken on board in the Resolution.
  • Third consideration, the Resolution emphasizes importance to ensure timely and adequate development and humanitarian assistance to low- and middle-income countries;
  • Fourth, it promotes the sharing of related knowledge, lessons learned, experiences, best practices, data, materials and commodities to fight COVID19;
  • The Fifth consideration, it commits to strengthen women's participation in decision-making processes of COVID-19 response and recovery;
  • ​And lastly it acknowledges the leadership role of the WHO in addressing the pandemic.

In the Meeting, Indonesia also conveyed Indonesia's solidarity on global efforts to increase concerted measures to prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19.

  • ​Through a “whole-government and whole-society" approach.

In challenging times like this multilateralism must be the platform for international cooperation in the fight against COVID19.

Therefore, as a member of the WHO Executive Board for the period of 2018-2021 it is in our interest, Indonesia's interest and priority, to continue strengthening the work of the WHO through our contributions in the formulation of policies and decisions of the WHO.

Colleagues from the Media,

My third and last issue is on the chairmanship of Indonesia on the Foreign Policy and Global Health Initiative or we call it FPGH.

On the sidelines of the WHA 73 and as the Chairman of the Foreign Policy and Global Initiatives (FPGH) Indonesia also led a side event meeting to:

  • Further discuss the issue of “Affordable healthcare for all". And this is the theme of Indonesia's Chairmanship in FPGH in 2020.
  • The meeting also discuss the preparation of the upcoming FPGH Ministerial Retreat that will be held virtually on 1-2 June 2020.
  • For your information, members of the FPGH are Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, France, Senegal, and Thailand.

As an outcome the Meeting of FPGH adopted a Joint Statement of Ministers of Health on concrete collaboration to address COVID-19.

  • Including to increase investment and cooperation in research and development for medicines, vaccines and other health technologies.

Another quick update; Indonesia will also participate in the 147th session of the WHO Executive Board Meeting on 22 May 2020.

  • The next governing meeting of the WHO will focus on the COVID-19 issues and the urgent decision-making endorsement.

Going forward, the Government of Indonesia is committed to work closely with all relevant partners, to deepen mutual trust, optimize existing cooperation, and develop new platforms of cooperation, especially through joint production of health products to tackle the COVID-19 challenges together.

So, Colleagues from the Media,

That is all from me.

​Now allow me to invite Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro to convey some updates on technological innovation to fight COVID-19. And then after that will be followed by Prof. Wiku. Now is the time for me to give the floor to Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro.

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